21 Feb

I Think I Caught The DIY Bug



Nautical theme DIY bracelet. My favourite of the bunch! Anchor pendant was gifted from my lovely boyfriend.

I’m alive!

Not that I’ve ever left, but I’ve been quite a busy body with the new year and brand new projects at work that has transformed me into a hermit. I’ve also been quite occupied with some exciting freelance work that I will one day share with you all!

Luckily, Family day long weekend was my saviour and has given me a breather. So now I’m able to catch up on some things like blogging and crafting : ) This past long weekend I’ve been obsessing over modern friendship bracelets, much like the ones seen on Etsy. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved crafting up a storm and especially when it came to jewelry. I still have my crazy box of bracelet threads and beads to prove it!

My box of childhood craziness.

…and no, I wasn’t very organized. I think I braided more than 50 friendship bracelets to be honest. I’ve also tried my hand at earrings once. I made my teacher a pair of paper crane earrings : ) Anyway, back to my obsession. So, I had been cleaning up around my room and I realized I had a whole pile of broken necklaces that I have no intention to wear again. A lot of which were just the chains. Gold, silver, thick, thin. You name it, I had it. As I was cleaning up I was also reading a fashion blog called I am Stylish. I was amazed at her unique vintage jewelry as well as bracelets she had bought from the same designer on Etsy. I was inspired to make some of my own. After all, what was I supposed to do with all these miscellaneous chains and charms?

All these years of accumulated charms that I’ve never worn and chains that I thought were too nice to throw away, little did I know I had all the ingredients in front of me to make a unique set of modern friendship bracelets! Here are a few photos of some that I’ve made over the last 72 hours!

No joke, I went bracelet crazy.

My first try at modern friendship bracelet making! Ribbon/silver chain/chinese lucky pendant and glass heart pendant

Bracelet #1 detail

Second try with lovely pendants! (Originally from a F21 necklace)

Bracelet #2 detail

Nautical theme DIY bracelet. My favourite of the bunch! Anchor pendant was gifted from my lovely boyfriend.

Bracelet #3 detail

Gold year of the rabbit pendant. I used a sunny golden yellow string braided into a gold chain to offset the yellow gold in the charm.

Bracelet #4 detail

Showing it off : )

Fist pump!

I still have some left over necklaces but I’m out of charms and connecting pieces like the lobster clasp. This would be an amazing gift idea for a friend. If it’s too cold out where you are, try staying in with your girlfriend(s) or boyfriend(s)? and make some cute bracelets for each other! I know I will.

Also, I made my own DIY headband from an old scrunchy (remember those things from way back when!?). I proudly donned it on my head last Friday. Tried to take a quick picture before getting caught! haha

Scrunchies at the speed of light!

Hope you all are having an amazing new year (both western and lunar)!



  • K

    if i were a girl i’d wear your brand

  • Charlotte

    Aw, lol! Thanks Kevin! haha

  • Gloria Chik

    Charlotte! These look stellar :)

  • Sunta

    Charlotte – teach me, teach me. These are better than dream hands! I love, love, love the anchor one – I lost my anchor pendant on a beach somewhere :(

  • K

    Charlotte, can you open up an eBay store and start selling those things? i’ll even help you promote for free! It’s a serious side-business opportunity. You can keep your day job, and sell those little things for extra cash. You never know, those might become popular one day. Price it at an affordable range, but still make a meaningful profit. i honestly think people will buy it.

  • Charlotte

    You know, I’ve thought about this. But perhaps in the near future! I’d have to do some research on getting materials and so forth. Perhaps when I have a bit more time on my hands! :)

  • jc

    is there anyway that you can give a quick tutorial or perhaps just email me?!! I LOVE them

  • Jenn


  • Rebecca

    How do you make the bracelets??

  • Kevin

    Where can I find/purchase an anchor bracelet?

  • huey jen

    love the bracelets! tutorial pleaseee! :)

  • John

    That anchor is sweeeeeeet…. If you made a slightly more masculine band, I would wear it in a second

  • Emily


  • Arryn

    These are so cute! I found your page on stumbleupon but would love to learn how to make these! The anchor one is my favorite!

  • Dovey

    I really wish I could buy a couple of anchor bracelets from you, anchors have a special meaning for a friend and me!!

  • Ashley

    Hey, did you ever decide on whether or not to add that account on ebay? I’d absolutely love a couple of your anchor bracelets! I haven’t seen any like them anywhereee.

  • Charlotte

    Hi Ashley, no, I haven’t had a chance to really create bracelets! I’ve been quite busy lately. But I will definitely write a post about it if/when I do! Thanks for commenting :) Glad to have your support!

  • Charlotte

    Hey Jeffrey! I am not using a wp design, I actually designed this site, including the blog, myself!

  • Charlotte

    Hi Ashley! Unfortunately I haven’t really had the time to set anything yet. Definitely check out some tutorials, I’m sure you can create some beautiful bracelets of your own :) If I ever do set up shop, I will post the news on my blog! Thanks for being so supportive!


  • Teao

    Hey Hi love your anchor!!!

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