Best Demos Training Tour


Brand development for a Samsung device training event. The whole idea was based on the tag line "Take them for a spin". Exploration on Indy races and other race car elements were researched in order to arrive at designing an emblem. Two logos were made based on the proposed event names "Pit Stop" or "Test Drive". In the end, Pit Stop was chosen and I further explored the treatment on this emblem. I knew that I wanted to emulate the sleekness of chrome texture and incorporate the Samsung blue in the design. I ended up using polished chrome and blue paint job on the centre with Pit Stop in white.

Details in the Fabric

Pit Stop Logo

  • Debossing detail of the event name on blue
  • Blue center piece nestled into chrome

Test Drive Logo

  • Black brushed metal speedometer
  • Glowing green arrow also serves as "i" in Drive
  • Polished chrome lettering