Espresso Agency

Web Design

Developed the look and feel of the website. The most challenging aspect was extracting elements from each project in the case studies section and adapting them into our brand standards. Isolating individual elements from each piece of work and adding in a sense of motion and while maintaining authenticity of original piece made to seamlessly fit in with Espresso Agency's website look and feel.

Details in the Fabric

Home Page

  • Large header image fades to and from transparency when scrolling through

Team Page

  • Grayscale employee images so as to not distract from Espresso red

Our Work Page

  • All work examples are encased in a device (e.g. Tablet, Display, Laptop) on white to maintain openness
  • Used elements from each project to personalize their "Espresso space"


  • Social media icons using Espresso's logo shape

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