Espresso Holiday Card

Web Design

One of the most fun projects I've worked on so far! This website was designed for Espresso in place of a traditional holiday card (definitely avoided some crazy printing costs on this one!)

The idea was to allow people to create their own flash cards of party personalities that stand out at awkward holiday get-togethers. The overall look and feel is reminiscent of a cozy ski lodge and partying till no end! The mantle and the dangling ornaments illustrates the aftermath of something unspeakable that brings you to a carousel of photos that represent these party personalities. The focus on details were crucial since the look and feel is very texture oriented, emanating a pseudo-reality or photoshopped realism flavour.

Details in the fabric


  • Antler mantle and hanging ornaments
  • Espresso and Twitter drop down Bookmark


  • Ledge and the table runner detail
  • Paper textured flash cards


  • Argyle textured pattern
  • Subtle shadow of mantle and ornaments illustrate depth

Button Hovers

  • Glossy pill shaped buttons with tangible hover effect

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