Samsung Telus Event

E-Blast Design

These save the date e-blasts were designed for two events, one for a beer tasting for Koodo and a cooking class for Telus. The overall look was to show that this was an event that Samsung was throwing for Koodo and Telus. So these still had to look like Samsung, but also incorporate Koodo and Telus brand colours respectively. I wanted to show the idea of sitting at a bar table or a stainless steel restaurant kitchen counter and created a crest that represents each event. Texture was added to the white backgrounds to emulate the look of a menu printed on thick card stock. A more casual feel used for Koodo while Telus' was slightly more formal and sleek.

Details in the Fabric


  • Samsung blue for primary colour and highlight of Koodo pink and/or Telus green
  • Use of iconic symbols to represent event; wheat and spatulas
  • Beer tasting (Koodo): Roughed up beer label left on a table
  • Cooking class (Telus): Restaurant logo crest


  • De-bossed text to look like letter pressed menus
  • Beer tasting (Koodo): Pink wave to emphasize "beer" and thank you message