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Sharp & Savory is a passion project that started with the urge to want to refresh my coding chops. I wanted to create an outlet for myself and my partner to document our burgeoning photography skills. We started this lifestyle blog with emphasis on design as well as many other interests such as travel, food, and fashion. With that in mind, I decided to create a website with a brand that can have the flexibility to visually adapt to any look and feel. I call this the chameleon effect.

I saw this project through from the logo creation to the interface design to coding and integrating it with WordPress. This was an incredibly empowering and liberating feeling as a designer to be able to take a simple idea from start to finish and to be able to code it the way you want to based on your own preferences (including responsiveness!). As well, I've learned to integrate google analytics in order to measure views and get a better sense of the sources views are coming from so I can better cater to those audiences. At the same time, I've learned a lot on how to maintain followers and tricks on social networks when promoting the website.

This project will forever be ever-changing and growing, but for now, this is a channel for myself and my partner to be able to creatively express ourselves and document our everyday adventures!

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